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Exothermic Welding Products
Exothermic Welding Products are required to bond earthing protection conductors and cables by generation of exothermic heat. These products are compatible with metal conductors made of copper, mild steel, brass and bronze. Welding tools offered as part of these products are made of high strength iron and other metals.
Copper Bonded Rod And Its Accessories
Copper Bonded Rod And Its Accessories have been designed to suit lighting protection requirements of different fields. These rust proof products have exceptional mechanical properties and good conductivity level. These can be fitted at less installation charge and within limited space.
Copper Conductors
Copper Conductors are known for their high thermal and electrical conductivity level. These are ductile and these possess excellent toughness level. These conductors are required for grounding of electrical apparatus. Long working life and low installation charge are their key features.
Cable Lugs
Cable Lugs are used to connect end part of copper conductors during earthing job. These lugs are available with electro tin plated surface. High mechanical strength, smooth surface, corrosion proof design, copper tube made structure, simple installation technique and rigid look are their main attributes.